The proposed location for this venture is an establishment on the busy main street in Mellieha, North of Malta. The premises form part of the surrounding supreme 4 star hotel and are also owned by the lessor.

The property under consideration is owned by La Salita Leisure Holdings Limited (also referred to as ‘La Salita’). However, the ownership of this venture is solely that of Asergis Limited. A lease agreement has been agreed to and signed by both parties wherein Asergis has been granted the use of the premises for an initial period of 10 years, after which period Asergis will have the right of first refusal on the same terms and conditions as the most favourable offers by other prospective tenants.

Once the lease agreement comes to a close and no further extensions are granted, the venture in this location will stop to exist and/or be transferred to an alternative location unless otherwise agreed between both parties.

Location and Premises

The establishment is situated on the ground floor level and is adjoining the entrance of the hotel extension as well as one of the hotel’s bars. The overall area of the premises is close to 200m2, has a capacity of around 70 covers and currently comes with a 4C class licence. Under this licence, the Company will not have a fully-fledged kitchen but would still be in a position to prepare a particular menu with a wide array of tasty sumptuous food items. However, the company is still seeking to obtain a 4D class licence in order to expand its food offering.

It is planned that there will be a dedicated bar area of approximately 25m2. The place is currently being refurbished and the layout is still being designed by the company’s architects and interior designers.

The idea is to transform The Thirsty Barista into a relaxing place where our customers would also have the possibility of recharging their mobiles, tablets, and notebooks.

Other surrounding places of interest

The location of the premises is a prime spot in that:
It is on the main road of Mellieħa
It has a busy bus stop very close by
It is within a very short distance to an English Language School for foreign students
It is across the road from a child care centre
It is within walking distance from the Mellieħa Parish Church
It will be seen and noticed by people driving to or from one of Malta’s most popular sandy beaches – Għadira

The idea for the Thirsty Barista is a concept café and bistro that will convert into a wine bar at night.

It will also be seen and noticed by all those people travelling to and from Gozo – Malta’s sister island – who choose to pass through the centre of Mellieħa rather than the bypass.

It is within walking distance from a number of prime hotels in the area.

In light of the above, we believe that the location could be considered as a hotspot for passers-by to grab some food and a beverage on their way to their destination, or whilst waiting for the bus to arrive, and also ideal for anybody who would like to stop by for a relaxing hour especially after work.

Setting the scene

The main focus of The Thirsty Barista would be a “fresh and healthy” theme, whether it is a coffee, tea, cold beverage, something sweet, a quick healthy bite, or even a wine tasting experience.

The Café

A coffee shop is where the whole idea started, but from the beginning it wasn’t to be a typical or traditional coffee shop, like most of the others around the Maltese islands. The idea was always to set up a concept café; one offering a coffee with a particular taste, a particular way of sharing a coffee, unique to Malta. It is therefore imperative to find a good brand of coffee which will be imported and introduced to the local market. Alternatively, and possibly ideally, we would source and procure to have our own blend of coffee beans sent to us on a regular basis. No other coffee shop in Malta will have our blend available to their customers. But whilst the coffee would be a key selling point for our customers, a number of other interesting and freshly made items will also feature on a regular basis.

Fresh roasted coffee will not only give a sense of freshness to our offering, but will also attract passers-by and people who are tired of waiting for the bus.
How about a healthy yoghurt ice-cream or one topped with a shot of espresso from the coffee bar? The coffee melting the ice-cream would give that extra punch whilst giving a guilty but delicious pleasure.
Homemade Sweets from our selection of items is a must.

Emphasising more on quality rather than on quantity, The Thirsty Barista would only have an assortment of about 4 or 5 cakes available. In this way, we will also be ensuring that the sweets and cakes are always freshly made for the day with little waste, and therefore, less expensive.

And what about dipping into a bit of British culture and society – come and enjoy a special tea accompanied by a luxurious light meal of savoury snacks and small pastries.

Pancakes and waffles would smell heavenly for passers-by, especially when freshly prepared.
Baguettes or ciabattas anyone? Feast on our signature sandwiches or even try creating your own!

Signature hot chocolates and thick milkshakes will also be must-have items.
Sourcing the right ingredients and selecting the right suppliers will be key to keeping costs down.

The coffee concept

As the name implies, The Thirsty Barista will have coffee as one of its central themes. We will not be offering any of the typical coffee brands found sprinkled around the Maltese Islands. On the contrary, we prefer bringing in a blend of our own – a suitable blend of Arabica and Robusta roasted beans. Our choice of roast together with the mix of Arabica/Robusta would peak the balance between bitterness and sweetness, the body and aroma. With coffee beans originating from Ethiopia to Colombia, from Brazil to Mexico, one will surely find the right coffee for their traditional espresso or cappuccino, as well as a brew to share with others.


Tea room concept

This concept, especially in Malta, seems to be becoming trendy again. Nowadays, the traditional English Tea can be distinguished into three categories:

Traditional – the classic, old-fashioned, full service with servers wearing white gloves which would come and serve.
Modern – the full tea service (savoury, sweets and scones), but in a less formal setting where the food is often more contemporary.
Basic - very casual teas where one can opt for just pastries and tea.

At The Thirsty Barista we will ensure that you experience your afternoon tea the modern way although our approach will be distinctive. The tea concept and the passion for tea comes from being a UK-based company, where drinking tea is a daily habit and where tea houses and English tea are highly celebrated. Staff at The Thirsty Barista will be well trained to serve English Afternoon Tea the proper way and in the perfect environment.

Our tea will certainly be one of the highlights of the day and we will be sourcing some of the finest tea leaves that one can get. Customers will be able to enjoy a mix of blends, from the traditional black teas to the younger white tea leaves. Rest assured that you will be drinking a perfect cup of tea each and every time.

Wine tasting

Once the sun starts to set, the back room and adjoining “caves” will make room for wine tasting, taking your experience to new levels. On a regular basis we will be organising special wine tasting events for beginners and connoisseurs alike to join us in enjoying some wines that would be specially imported. Each wine would have a story to tell. On other nights, one could enjoy a relaxing evening with soft music in the background, sipping a particular wine chosen from our carefully selected choice in our caves together with a cheese or salami platter.

The caves are two rooms situated on the innermost part of the establishment and are maintained in their barest form, with a natural cave-like wall. Even the lighting will be set to a particular ambience to create the right mood for the night.