The Thirsty Group

Vision and Concept

Chain of Concept Lounge Bars & Restaurants Offering a Distinctive Style, Novel Food Creations, and Best-in-class Service

Vision & Concept

The Thirsty Group concept was borne out of the founder’s ambition to own and operate a chain of lounge bars/restaurants, offering unique cocktails, a full range of alcohol beverages and stunning dishes of freshly made, locally sourced food items where possible.

The Thirsty Group will revolve around the concept of drinking and dining in an environment of comfort, luxury and style. This ambitious project is expected to continue to grow on the projected success of its founding outlet – The Thirsty Lawyer in Valletta, the capital city of Malta.

It’s envisaged that The Thirsty Group will open and operate 4 - 6 outlets within the first 3 years of operations until the year 2021.

Vision & Concept

Our vision for The Thirsty Group is not to be your typical restaurant or bar. Each of The Thirsty Group outlets will be designed to be the go-to place where our loyal and discerning customer can go and relax, enjoy the unique ambience and indulge in a refreshing cocktail or rare bottle of wine, listen to some good music or a live band, all whilst chatting with a few friends and colleagues in a suitable ambience.

Key to our Success

The Group’s key to success would be essentially based on the following factors:


The Thirsty Group’s branding which has already been established through its first outlet - The Thirsty Lawyer – and which will continue to grow in popularity with each new outlet.


Offering a concept experience that will be unrivalled anywhere else in Malta and other markets wherein we intend to penetrate.


The physical internal ambience for each outlet will be unique. Whilst the general theme will be that of a cocktail lounge bar and restaurant, each property will be internally designed and fitted with appropriate theme-related furniture and fittings.


The internal design will also be designed in such a way as to accommodate the different times of day, types of events and/or seating requirements.


Our marketing strategies will be aimed at growing our ‘The Thirsty Group’ brand, initially created through The Thirsty Lawyer in Valletta (Malta), followed by The Thirsty Barista in Mellieħa (Malta) but will also set the scene for future Thirsty outlets in Malta and other key locations across Europe.


Employing and retaining creative and highly skilled mixologists, baristas and chefs through a framework of continuously providing exceptional training to ensure that our customer service will be unique in itself, and that we offer a ‘Best in Quality’ product and service to all of our customers.


All of our barmen, baristas, mixologists, chefs, cooks and servers will be able to serve our clientele with that above-par level of service that would be expected from such an establishment. At the same time, we want our customers to feel comfortable and relaxed.


With a number of Thirsty outlets open across various locations, we will be in a position to offer our employees the ability and scope to gain experience within the other outlets across different countries. In this manner, we will be incentivising our employees, whilst at the same time minimising staff turnover.

With this idea in mind The Thirsty Lawyer is being established. The Thirsty Lawyer will open its doors around October 2018 and will immediately make noticeable noise in the marketplace. Every night people will queue to enter, waiting to try one of our delicious cocktails, taste the exquisite food or enjoy dancing the night away to quality jazz bands or DJs.

Short Term Plan

However, succeeding in one outlet is not enough and the idea of opening others has already started to brew. From here, The Thirsty Group will establish further locations in Malta. These properties are to be specifically chosen for their locality in areas that would suit the concept of the outlets.

The Thirsty Barista will be our second outlet to be located in Mellieha in the north of Malta. Mellieha is a touristic area but also has a high concentration of expatriates residing there. The idea for The Thirsty Barista is that of a concept café and bistro that will convert into a wine bar at night. The Thirsty Barista will be opening its doors soon after The Thirsty Lawyer, possibly during the end of the last quarter of 2018 or the first quarter of 2019.

Medium Term Plan

By the end of 2018, the Group intends to start the process of identifying a suitable property to house the first Thirsty outlet in the UK. Notwithstanding the current busy period in setting up The Thirsty Lawyer and The Thirsty Barista outlets, the senior management of the Group have already identified and shortlisted four potential areas in the UK that could very well suit the UK flagship outlet. In fact, it is envisaged that by year-end 2018, a number of appointments would be made to go round these areas to try and hone in on the ideal property to purchase or lease. The four areas that have been identified and shortlisted at this point in time are:

  • Canary Wharf
  • Shoreditch
  • Borough of Islington
  • Borough of Southwark (High Street or Market).

In the meantime, back in Malta we will move ahead with our plans of opening a second The Thirsty Barista. This time we plan to open our doors in the popular and upper-market shopping area of Sliema/St. Julian's. This area is known not to suffer from any seasonality and is therefore a popular place throughout the year. There are already quite a number of cafés and eateries but few that will match the level of service, ambience and concept that we intend to pursue.

The Thirsty Group is envisaging maintaining an aggressive growth strategy to open up at least 1 outlet per year for the next 5 to 10 years. The Thirsty Group intends to open up and own up to the first 9 outlets itself, with the aim of creating the foundation for a solid well known brand which in turn will serve as a basis for the development of a franchise route. Through the franchise, the Group will maintain the necessary momentum to keep in line with the growth strategy.

The Long Term plan

The Group’s long term plan is to have a total of 12-15 international Thirsty outlets by the end of 2025, some of which may be through franchisees.

Other possible cities which senior management may consider in the future, either through the Group’s own investment or through a franchise, are listed below:

The Thirsty Outlets The Thirsty Baristas
• Paris • Paris
• Brussels • Brussels
• Dublin • Dublin
• Como • Venice
• Edinburgh • Prague
• Zurich • Budapest
• Vienna • Munich
• Copenhagen • Vienna
The Thirsty Outlets The Thirsty Baristas
• Geneva • Lisbon
• Singapore • Athens
• Sydney • Warsaw
• Hong Kong • Frankfurt
• Tokyo
• Melbourne
• Bucharest
• Berlin

Whilst the concept of The Thirsty Outlets (cocktail/restaurants) will each have its own theme while trying to maintain an overall Thirsty look and feel, The Thirsty Baristas, on the other hand, will maintain a common look and feel throughout all of the outlets, irrespective of the location. The idea is to combine a café/bistro that will convert into a wine bar at night.