the thirsty group

About Us

Welcome to The Thirsty Group, a high-end food & beverage chain that includes a variety of concept bars, coffee shops and restaurants. The core idea is simple: bringing together the best-in-class chefs, mixologists and baristas in unique theme-based interiors to create an overall customer experience that stands out from the crowd.

Our aim and vision is to design remarkable customer experiences through an interplay of sophisticated concept interiors, an outstanding service, excellent food and distinctive entertainment.


The group's projects are expected to continue growing on the forecasted success of its founding outlet – The Thirsty Lawyer in Strait street, Valletta. It’s envisaged that The Thirsty Group will open and operate 4 - 6 outlets within the first 3 years of operations until the year 2021.

By the end of 2018 the group also intends to locate a suitable location to house the first Thirsty outlet in the UK and start building the brand's presence beyond the Maltese shores. The long term goal is to eventually grow to a total of between 12 to 15 Thirsty outlets by the end of 2025, partly through franchising.